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Conrad Storad Conrad Storad
Rattkesnake Rules! Uh-oh! Was that a rattle I Heard?
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Five Star Test Five Star Test
Five Star Test
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Story Monsters Ink Story Monsters Ink
Story Monsters Ink Magazine
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Linda F. Radke Linda F. Radke
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Jane Frances Ruby Jane Frances Ruby
And You Thought Your High School Field Trip to the Grand Canyon Was Safe . . .
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At we help authors with the exposure and resources they need to become successful, while at the same time providing schools with free access to authors of children's books that make presentations at schools.

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Linda F. Radke, President"Remain humble in your journey as an author and your audience will embrace you. Remain grateful for every publicity opportunity that comes your way, and the media will embrace you."
Linda F. Radke, President
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