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Rattkesnake Rules! Uh-oh! Was that a rattle I Heard?

Maybe it was a rattlesnake just following the rules. Rules? Rattlesnakes have rules? "Animals learn rules by living They have no books or schools Please pay attention to this story For even rattlesnakes have rules" Popular children’s author and science writer Conrad J. Storad introduces us to the amazing world of rattlesnakes. “A lot of people think snakes are creepy,” says Conrad. “Others find them scary. But when you get to know them, you’ll see how fascinating they really are!” Learn how, what, and when rattlesnakes eat. Why they flick their tongues in and out. And why they have rattles on the ends of their tails.

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Conrad J. Storad is the award-winning author of more than 30 science and nature books written for children and young adults. He has lived in the Sonoran Desert since 1982 and many of his books reflect his long fascination with the plants and animals that live there.

Among his works are Meerkats (named “Arizona’s Best Book of 2008” by the Arizona Book Publishing Association), Don’t Call Me Pig! (A Javelina Story), Desert Night Shift (A Pack Rat Story), Lizards for Lunch (A Roadrunner’s Tale), and Don’t Ever Cross that Road! (An Armadillo Story).

Conrad is the director of the Office of Research Publications at Arizona State University where his responsibilities include editing the nationally award-winning ASU Research Magazine. He is also the founding editor of Chain Reaction, an award-wining magazine highlighting science and written for young readers.

He began his career as a reporter and then editor and general manager for The Barberton Herald, a newspaper in northeast Ohio. Later, he was a science/medical writer for the U.S. National Cancer Institute and a science/feature writer at Kent State University in Ohio.

Conrad earned a degree in mass media communication from the University of Akron and a master’s degree in mass communication/science journalism from Arizona State University. He was inducted into the university’s Walter Cronkite School’s Journalism Hall of Fame in 2000, and is a member of the National Association of Science Writers, the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, the International Association of Business Communicators, the Arizona Book Publisher’s Association, and the University Research Magazine Association.

"Award-winning author Conrad J. Storad recently visited Coyote Trail for an all-day author visit. My class went to his presentation, 'Fangs and Stingers.'...

"Storad visits lots of schools, so maybe you'll get the chance to hear one of his presentations and talk to him like I did. He has a great sense of humor, knows a lot about writing and the desert, and makes learning fun."

Harley Galaz
September 18, 2010
Arizona Daily Star

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